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salient features:
1.complete modular designs, convenient for configuration and upgrade.
2.3 over 3 draft system with upholding pressure bar and guiding top roller.
3.operating cover and middle cover can be independently opened, easily operate. synchronous control, high driving accuracy.
5.low rotational inertial design, fast dynamic response, easy for precise motion control.
6.brand-new t/g roller construction with high measuring accuracy; needn’t change t/g roller when feeding weight is changed.
7.reliable automatic sliver end-making/filter cleaning/loading etc. devices are available, higher automation level. technical specifications:

range of application fiber length up to 76mm combed and carded cotton, chemical fiber and blends
number of delivery single
the highest output speed 1000m/min
roller dia. top roller ¢36 ¢36 ¢36mm
bottom roller ¢40 ¢35 ¢35mm
drafting system 3 over 3 double zone curvilinear drafting system with upholding pressure bar and guiding top-roller.
total draft (between 1st and 3rd rollers) set by software (5~10)
can size input ¢400 ¢500 ¢600 ¢800mm height 1100mm
output ¢400 ¢500mm height 1100mm
feeding form positive feeding overhead creel with pressure roller
main motor 3.5kw
total installed capacity 10kw (6.5kw)

product components:


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