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tm3809y drawing frame (the whole machine)

uster uqa short-term auto-leveller,the delivery sliver can ( dia. x height ):¢600*1200,drafting and driving are separate for each head, to achieve optimum results as single delivery.

3 over 3 double zone curvilinear draft system with guiding top-roller and pressure bar.

top rollers lift accompanying with the integral cradle and automatic end-forming .

the upper and bottom coilers are driven by servo motor independently, coiler tension can be stepless adjusted.

synchronous belt utilizes constant strength to support tensioning.

mid-located filter box, balanced suction at both heads, auto-cleaning filter.

automatic can-changer with multiple empty cans supplier and electronic sliver breaking system.

integrated operational interface, clear and large display screen, drafting section with patented lighting device.

fixed injecting oil positions designed on the headstock and tailstock are to  prevent synchronous belts from contamination of grease.

utilizing valve terminal to accomplish the accurate control of mechanical-pneumatic-electrical integration.

pre-set central intranet interface is to realize remote diagnosis of malfunction.







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