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using three on three under the guidance of the roller pressure bar with two-zone curve draft
the new design with the taper of the roller has been national patent protection, can effectively extend the fueling cycle, to prevent oil pollution, conducive to heat
the new design of the automatic head, the operation more convenient
roller bearing oil storage device, can effectively extend the fueling cycle, reducing the workload of the refueling
multi-cylinder and the output is φ600mm × φ1200mm cans of the application, reducing the joints, to improve the workers stand rate


adjustment section

span id="result_box" lang="en">maturity of the uneven weight of digital adjustment function, adjust the weight of the touch screen on the article and the operation of the branch

minimum pre-section gauge 1.5 mm, pressure bar position adjustable, suitable for spinning 12 to 76 mm long pure fibers and blends of various fibers

four tension can achieve multi-level adjustment, spinning performance is strong, drawing process wheel with no-key connection, easy to replace and play an overload protection

application of frequency control technology, the touch screen can adjust the operation speed

pressurized part

cradle structure, durable, stable pressure, gas spring support, easy to operate, the pressure can be adjusted

leather roller with the cradle ups and downs, greatly facilitate the operation

transmission part

widely used synchronous belt drive, transmission line is short, simple and efficient transmission structure, and the traditional gear drive drawer compared to 20% power, low noise, high speed, easy maintenance

the new design of the timing belt constant tension control device to ensure the stability of the belt tension and stability, to extend the life of the belt

the upper and lower ring of the oil refueling point for centralized oil supply, more convenient for internal lubrication points for fuel

change tube part

the use of compressed air as the driving force of the cross-push straight automatic cylinder, through the programmable controller to complete the continuous and reliable automatic cylinder

the new design of the cylinder limit device, effectively prevent the cans running out of normal position

unique electronic fault of the patented technology, effectively guarantee the automatic cylinder for the continuous

the new design of the multi-cylinder institutions, each eye can be equipped with multiple empty barrels involved in automatic change tube, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve production efficiency

electrical parts

the use of programmable logic controller, servo drive, touch screen display, frequency control technology, set aside the central network interface, can achieve fault remote diagnosis


guide bar section

using aluminum alloy overhead guide, flat belt drive; or with a positive roller feed roller, belt drive

there are no restrictions on the size of the feeding cans

product components:


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